Meet the Members- Poland Sand & Gravel
Oct. 3 2022

Meet the Members- Poland Sand & Gravel

Your Name:

Scott Rommel

What is the name of your company?

Poland Sand and Gravel

What is your current position?


What current projects are you working on?

Edic Rd Culvert- Marcy NY, Edic Rd Substation Expansion-Marcy NY, SUNY IT Bypass (Old River Road)- Utica NY

Please tell us a little bit about your self!

I grew up in Poland, New York, also where my wife and our kids grew up. I am a brother to two amazing sisters and the son to my amazing parents Roger and Mary Rommel. Alongside my beautiful wife Tracy, we raised our two kids Jacob and Victoria in the home my father built. I own a fence company, Rommel Fence in Poland as well, that works hand in hand at times with Poland Sand and Gravel. I am the third generation of owning a fence company within my family and my daughter is going to be the fourth.

What do you love about your job?

I love that my job allows me to help create great opportunities for all kinds of people. From the DOT using our materials to create a new culvert, or someone looking to upgrade the landscape around their home. Our company is able to aid and help people in need as well. For example, when the “October Flood” came through our small town, we were able to provide many people sand bags to help them keep their home and families safe.

What are some things you would want people to know about you (i.e. hobby, what you like to do for fun, special pets)

I love to travel with my family! I have been very fortunate to see much of the world with them by my side seeing and trying new things. I enjoy going on the boat and bringing our family dog Axel and watching him swim around, even though he doesn’t like it as much as we do! I love most just spending time with my amazing family and friends, no matter the activity.

What’s a fun fact about yourself?

A fun fact about me is I am a great interior decorator, no matter what my wife says.

Contact Information

Name: Scott Rommel

Email Address:


Phone Number: 315-525-2361