Trenching & Excavating Class Scheduled
Apr. 4 2023

Trenching & Excavating Class Scheduled

Lovell Safety Management will conduct a FREE Trenching and Excavating Course to their clients and Mohawk Valley Builders Exchange members on Friday, April 14th from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm in MVBE Conference Room 103. This course is FREE to members of the Mohawk Valley Builders Exchange and $75 for non-members. Please contact the Exchange office at 315-736-2441 no later than Monday, April 10th to register.
The class will cover Subpart P – Excavations. This subpart applies to all open excavations made in the earth’s surface. Excavations are defined to include trenches. Includes the following information:
Accepted engineering practices; Aluminum Hydraulic Shoring; Bell-bottom pier hole; Benching; Cave-in; Competent person; Cross braces; Excavation; Faces or sides; Failure; Hazardous atmosphere; Kickout; Protective system; Ramp; Registered Professional Engineer; Sheeting; Shield; Shoring; Sides; Sloping; Stable rock; Structural ramp; Support system; Tabulated data; Trench; Trench box; Trench shield; Uprights; and Wales.
Class will also include specific excavation requirements as follows:
Surface encumbrances; Underground installations; Access and egress; Exposure to vehicular traffic; Exposure to falling loads; Warning system for mobile equipment; Hazardous atmospheres; Protection from hazards associated with water accumulation; Stability of adjacent structures; Protection of employees from loose rock or soil; and Inspections.